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Players must do first performance in front of a number of producers, performing in front of the judges after approval.In the next two to six weeks, players will be notified if can enter the judges draft. Through the primary players will be performing in front of the judges, they only 1 minute to impress the judges.If the judges do not like the show, he can stop button in the performance of any time we want.If all three of the judges to press the button, contestants must terminate performances, including the judge others' button.End of the performance, or performance is interrupted, the judges comment, and determine whether players can enter the semi-finals, player won the approval of the two judges can be closed.Spectators were invited to watch their lack of opinion to influence the decision of the judges

Players will be called in to London, in small groups to meet the judges.The jury to tell them they are very successful promotion semi-final.The semi-final of the program is broadcast live, in the first quarter a total of three games.Each semi-finalist had eight programs, the judges can end button in the middle of the performance show.Judge to review after thecompletion of the performance, this will affect the audience vote.Every top player will automatically final, DiErSanWei players will face the choice of the judges.The final judges will vote for their favorite players.Final was elected three semi-finals battle of eight players.The judges can also terminate performances.They also comment on player's performance

Non-professional acrobatics group Spellbound 2010 "Britain's got talent" is definitely not the focus of media attention.However, they have won, and won easily, won no suspense.British when night time on June 5, their "bounce" is not only the scene of the conquered all the judges, also shocked the front of the television audience.A little pessimistic even after they judge Simon, also lamented: "this is in direct sowing talent show, he saw one of the most impressive performance."Win bring Spellbound groups are not just in name, they will also receive a bonus of http://www.kelsport.net/newuk.asp Christian Louboutin Pumps 600pounds, and will play for the British royal family in the future.According to British newspaper the sun reported, more let Spellbound surprise is that they have received invitation, make sure to attend the opening ceremony of the London Christian Louboutin Sale in 2013. Spellbound group's all members from the same social middle class.They are not a professional team, and the age span is very big.A member of the team, Alex Uttley worked as a clean white day, and again in the evening acrobatic troupe a train for three hours, even in the bar after work.In addition, Spellbound peacetime training all costs are borne by the members themselves.

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